AI controlled sensors to help hobbyists taking care of their plants


You will grow your plants better day by day, monitoring your plant’s health thanks to Gardy’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms. A new level of gardening is ready to come.
Bot programming
Disease recognition
AI learning


Chatbot, Visual Recognition and much more


What we do

Discover InsightSensor services
Plants database
Tell us what your are growing and get the best advice thanks to our 25.000+ plants database! Know how to keep you plant healthy and wonderful everyday.
Play with Gardy! Test your plant knowledge, challenge all Gardy users and try to be on top of the chart!
Plants health recognition
A new level on Visual Recognition algorithms, you'll love what we are developing for your plants!

The team

Meet the people behind Gardy.
Dario Fanciullo
Dario Fanciullo

Visual Recognition

Michele Feliciani
Michele Feliciani

Conversational AI

Francesco Polvere
Francesco Polvere

Full Stack Developer

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